Professional Doesn’t Have to Mean Impersonal.

PCA Pharmacy prides itself on providing the highest quality of friendly, professional and personal service in the industry. 

  • Onsite Pharmacists and Technicians Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year
  • Customizing Our Operations to Meet Your Facility’s Needs
  • Monthly Customer Service Visits by an Account Manager
  • Billing and Medical Records Representatives Assigned to Your Facility
  • Dedicated Team of Consultant Pharmacists and Nurse Consultants for Clinical and Compliance Support
  • Fast, Friendly and Familiar Service

24-Hour Service

PCA pharmacists and technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your facility and residents deserve all the support and service surrounding their pharmaceutical needs.


Clinical Consulting Services

PCA Pharmacy’s consulting mission is to design a program with each facility’s specific needs in mind. While focusing on the safety and well-being of each resident, we also look at the full range of pharmacy-related factors and make recommendations to help your facility achieve clinical and operational success.



PCA Pharmacy’s consulting pharmacists, nurses and account managers provide numerous educational programs and on-site in-services. They are also available to meet with families and residents to discuss anything related to the pharmacy when needed.


Medical Records

Our experienced medical records staff works closely with each facility and customizes a medical records program to meet your exact needs. Your facility will have a dedicated medical records representative committed to providing efficient and personal service. PCA Pharmacy will tailor your medication administration records (MARs), treatment administration records (TARs), and physician order sheets (POS) to meet your requirements and standards.


Quality Assurance

PCA Pharmacy has a team of experienced staff and an effective quality assurance program that incorporates checks and balances. This ensures accuracy of each resident’s orders and provides safety for our customers and consumers.


Cost Management Programs

PCA Pharmacy is dedicated to providing all of our customers with quality service at a reasonable price. We utilize aggressive cost containment strategies to reduce costs to the resident and the facility.



PCA Pharmacy provides both unit dose and multi-dose medication packaging systems to ensure accuracy and makes storage, administration and auditing a simple, efficient task.

Electronic Emergency Kits

Based upon resident and prescribing habit needs, PCA Pharmacy has the capability to stock the units with the customer in mind.  Documentation and adjudication of patient medication has never been easier.


Electronic Medical Records Interface Capabilities

An eMAR (electronic medication administration record) is a medication administration software solution which improves patient safety and drastically reduces the amount of time spent on documentation. Nurses can easily document medication administrations, vital signs, and other observations, and are alerted if clinical actions need to be taken. PCA Pharmacy can interface with a wide variety of leading eMAR vendors and applications available on the market.


WebConnect Medication Calculator

Using our online WebConnect tool, not only can you get accurate medication pricing, you can search active patient medication profiles, check for drug interactions, access the daily medication cost calculator, order or refill medications, check a delivery status, and so much more!


Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Our Clinical Pharmacists can and will provide medication therapy management to residents. A Pharmacist will perform a comprehensive medication review to look for gaps in care, non-adherence, and cost saving opportunities. We feel that this service will improve resident satisfaction with care while preventing adverse events and reducing hospital admissions or readmissions.


Pharmacogenetic Testing

With a simple swab of the cheek we can identify how patients may respond to a medication. As individuals, we all metabolize medications differently, which is why some people respond to certain medications favorably and others do not. Our pharmacists interpret these test results and make recommendations specific to the resident.

Not Just Any Delivery: A Managed Delivery

PCA Pharmacy understands your absolute dependence on reliable and timely medication delivery, and the large effect delivery has on service quality. We manage this function with utmost care to assure your satisfaction.

PCA Pharmacy’s delivery system includes:

  • Regular, scheduled delivery determined with your facility.
  • Careful pre-delivery preparation: All orders are double-checked for correct contents, packaging, and labeling by scanning the barcoded medications into totes designated for your facility’s specified nursing stations.
  • Controlled medications delivered in tamper evident packaging.
  • Drivers deliver medications to appropriate nurse stations and ensure correct count by checking in orders with your nursing staff as requested. A paper manifest of delivered orders will also be provided to your staff.

PCA Pharmacy utilizes Delivery Track, an innovative delivery software system, which enables us to provide immediate delivery verification and tracking information to your facility.

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