Meds-to-Home Program

Our PCA Cares program is designed to provide a 30-day supply of medications upon discharge for those residents transitioning back home from a short-term rehab stay. With a focus on convenience and safety, residents will have all of the medications needed upon discharge from the community without the wait and hassle of stopping at the pharmacy for the next 30 days. Our Meds-to-Home program is conducive in supporting appropriate medication regimen based upon the discharging physician’s prescribed orders. This program is proven to reduce the chance of the resident missing a dose, as their medications will be packaged in an easy-to-use punch card that is clearly marked with the medication name, strength, and directions for use: The Right Medication, Right Dose, at the Right Time. With recidivism being a primary focus for all, this program will help in reducing these rates due to non-compliance of taking medications.

What This Program Can Do For You


The resident will have their medications available as soon as they leave the facility. This will allow their medication regimen to continue as prescribed and will reduce the chance they will not miss any doses. Consistent medication administration can help with an unnecessary return to the hospital.


Medications will be dispensed via a punch card, which will allow for easy monitoring of doses taken and when to refill.

Cost Savings

Oftentimes, after a resident is discharged, they will have a follow-up appointment with their attending physician and medications will change. By sending a 30-day supply, it may prove to be cost saving for the resident.

Supports Planned Discharges.

Execution of this program should be planned as part of the best practices for discharge planning.

Who is This Program Designed For?

This program is designed for residents who are planning to discharge home after a rehab stay that was covered by Medicare or Managed Care.

PCA is very responsive and always works hard in meeting the pharmaceutical needs of our residents and staff. They are a pharmacy provider that focuses heavily on relevant analytical reporting and assisting us with being good stewards of our resources.

Nicole Fields

Health Facility Administrator / Arlington Place

PCA is very reliable. When we call them for anything they always respond. They've changed the way our company does business by making us more efficient and assisting us with medication cart and medication room inspections. It's very helpful!

Sharon Arvin

Director of Health Services / St. Elizabeth

PCA has always delivered a quality product. They are always prompt to respond to questions, concerns or special requests. When concerns arise they address the situation and make changes as necessary to better serve our needs, no matter what department is involved.

Tish Stewart

Director of Services / Park Place

PCA's Meds-to-Home program is ideal for our Rehab-to-Home patients that we work with in our therapy department. It builds added confidence to our residents, family members, and staff after discharge knowing that the therapy, pharmacy, and campus team members have worked collaboratively for a health transition back home and long-term independent success.

Melissa Hacker

Program Director / Paragon Rehabilitation

The Meds-to-Home program has assisted the facility with peace of mind that we are sending patients home with all the medications they need! PCA is reliable, professional, friendly, and always willing to resolve issues quickly.

Rhonda Mullins

Executive Director / Glen Ridge Health Campus

PCA was so supportive as we created our plans, began our start-up, and grew the residential and adult day health care programs. We appreciate you guys so much and are thankful for such a wonderful collaborative group of professionals with which to work for the good of our residents and their families!

Sheila L. Carter

Executive Director / Heartsong Memory Care