OHCA Webinar – “Treating and Preventing COVID-19: What has a Pandemic Taught Us?” by Rob Leffler, R.Ph. @ State/Ohio
Oct 27 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Treating and Preventing COVID-19 – COVID-19 is on the forefront of every new media outlet today.  There is so much out there about COVID-19 it’s hard to know who and what to believe  This presentation will focus on the information that is currently available about this infection and best practices for handling it. For more information and registration click here!


  1. Discuss the current course of COVID-19 in America
  2. Explore past and current recommendations concerning COVID-19
  3. Identify risk factors for COVID-19 infection
  4. Discuss medication changes that can be beneficial
  5. Explain how to handle and prevent COVID-19 infections

Program Agenda

10:00 am – Program Begins
11:00 am – Question & Answer
11:30 am – Program Adjourns